About ID

Who We Are

We were founded in 2010 on the basic principles of honest-to-goodness IT. We thrive on great customer service, unsurpassed products, expert US home-grown technology engineers, and a genuine care for our clients. You need hosting? We have you covered. You need a custom software application? Check that off your list. You need a patent written by actual IT people, that doesn’t cost you your life savings? You’re in the right place.

What We Do

We help our clients with IT and with their business. We provide technical services for home business to large enterprise, from website building and hosting to migrating applications and consolidating servers. We serve as consultants to managers to developers to engineers. We take care of our clients’ IT needs from the time the lights go up to – well, we never stop caring.

The ID Promise

The only way to do IT is the right way: the ID way. We promise all of our clients:

  1. We’ll give you honest technical services.
  2. We’ll help you consolidate your IT expenses.
  3. We’ll never sell you what you don’t need.