We don't believe in revolutionizing technology, we believe in its' evolution.
Who We Are
ID is a USA-based technology company, from the developers to the executives. Specializing in software development and integration, with a focus on artificial intelligence, ID believes in doing amazing work for all of our clients, from the mom-and-pop small businesses to the Fortune 500′s. Why?
What We Do
We help with not just software development, hosting (with our local/US-based data centers that you get to pick from!), and integration, but website development and enhancement, migrations and consolidations, cloud technology (CloudMeUp.in), and a bunch more.
How We Help You Thrive
So if you’re tired of developers you can’t speak to, language barriers, over-budget or (way!) late projects, shoddy work, or just being treated like you’re a pay check, work with a tech company that actually gives a damn about your business.
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Stop chasing your current tech “specialists”.